Gift Agreement

The Beyond the Diagnosis Art Exhibit’s focus is the rare disease patient. Artists donate their time and talents to paint children living with a rare disease for this groundbreaking exhibit. The exhibit is traveling to medical schools, research institutes and hospitals around the globe encouraging the medical community to look “beyond the diagnosis” to the patient.

There are 7,000 rare diseases. At Rare Disease United Foundation our hope is to raise awareness of all 7,000 diseases through the Beyond the Diagnosis Art Exhibit. After just one year, the exhibit has already exceeded all of our expectations and reached millions through media coverage of the exhibit. This exhibit has been embraced by both the medical community and researchers as an important educational tool and is bringing much needed attention to rare diseases.

We are so grateful to participating artists for their contribution to Beyond the Diagnosis and for bringing unprecedented awareness to people living with a rare disease.

All applicants will be kept on file. There are 7,000 rare diseases and we need lots of help. Unfortunately, we can only cover so many per year. Thank you for your interest.

Please complete the Gift Agreement below.

Gift Agreement

  • The Rare Disease United Foundation will use artwork in the following manner:

    All donated artwork will become part of our Beyond the Diagnosis Art Exhibit. The Exhibit will be used as an awareness and educational tool at medical schools, hospitals and other venues that RDUF determines would heighten awareness for rare diseases, both nationally and globally.

    Donated artwork will remain with the Exhibit with the exception of the passing of one of the subjects. In the tragic event a subject passes, RDUF will gift the artwork to the family of the deceased.

    RDUF will use photographs of the artwork in the Art Catalogue which will be available at all venues where the Exhibit travels. Copies of the Catalogue will be available for download and for sale on our website.

    RDUF will use photographed artwork to promote the Beyond the Diagnosis Art Exhibit through social media and on our website.

    Prints of the artwork will be donated to the subjects.

    The Rare Disease United Foundation is so grateful for your kindness and donation and will handle your gift with care.

  • By entering your initials you agree to the terms and conditions stated in the Patient Release Form.